Background: During the 21st century of global economic crisis extending to China


Start-up purpose of Lanisky: To expand human advanced culture, develop advanced science (biology, cosmonautics, IT), and make great difference in human beings' quality life.


Long-term goals: To be one of the most-honored entrepreneurs all over the world.


Short-term goals: To complete the primitive accumulation of capital, satisfy the existence and development of our entrepreneurial team itself and its members, make contribution to coming down the challenge of unemployment.


The start-up plan at present is to turn Lanisky into a medium-sized science and technology company from the very beginning, which will take five years or so from 2009 to 2014 and then a bigger, longer-term plan is to come.


Inspired by "Sowing", it's all about planting the seeds of hope, promoting the seeds to grow so that we can earn the power to create a bright future for the world. Therefore, sowing is regarded as the initial stage of all the development as well as the toughest of times.


Base area: Shenzhen, China


Team members: excellent graduates from Shenzhen University and others, undergraduates from Shenzhen University, social entrepreneurs.


Despite the facts that Lanisky is at the initial stage just like sowing, in great need, it's full of passion, confidence, and creativity. In the condition of projects and ideas, the Lanisky are faced with the most urgent problems as follows:

(1) Start-up financing further details: Sincerely look forward to the attention from venture capitalists, government at all levels in Shenzhen, and non-governmental investors.

(2) Start-up partners further details: You are welcome to join us as long as you share the common belief with us.


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