1.October 26, 2010 is the First Anniversary Memorial Day of Lanisky Grid ,we try our best to refound it at October 26, 2012. 

2.Lanisky increase server B(VPS),websites: SUEC.CN、SUEC.CC、SUEC.ORG.CN have been hosted on the new server,the speed have improved again. Please browse http://www.lanisky-b.info for details. 

3.Lanisky's global Homepages have been gruw including Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, India and so on. Please browse http://www.lanisky.com for details. 

4.S.U.E.C has been upgraded again(it will be responsible for migration and design by Zhang Liping,who is the student of South China Institute of Software Engineering of GZU and major in Network Engineering ) 

  (1)To integrate the channel by the multi-system integrated into a one-stop system, revocation of business, mall, education, estate and other extra channels, features of  business and mall will be integrated into the main station. In addition, open up station group of function, the master station system derived Shenzhen University Entrepreneurs Club, and SUEC Corparation 

  (2)October 26th, the earliest official website of Shenzhen University Entrepreneurs Club have already back to the time of April 26,2007, including the appearance and url( http://www1.suec.cn ), Zhang Liping has been charged of the recovering and design data migration. As the Origin of the brand SUEC, this website will be holded as memorial forever. 

 (3)Homepage's templates have further optimized design with "lose weight" for further promoting  acceleration and accord with SEO requirements 

 (4)SUEC Corparation{prepare} website have change the address (http://corp.suec.cn) online. 

 (5)Domain name of Online Pioneer Park have change to suec.co,this project will reopened when the time is suitable. 

 (6)Suec.cc has been released, the project has been completed by two assistants. Please browse  http://www.suec.cc for details.