1、The date of Lanisky News will be adjusted to 26 monthly, when stepping into the developing period,the news release date are change to 6th、16th、26th of every month.

2、Lanisky information server adjustment again,and the server C is spin-off from server A, the reasonable adjustment of server and domain name will indicate the direction for Lanisky’s future development. Website site respectively:

A: Lanisky、Laniarc


C: Lanisky network and its customers

Please browse www.lanisky.info for details.

3、S.U.E.C recent dynamic

   (1) The entire VI  station  of S.U.E.C , has been the sixth successful upgrade, the standard color will changed to the two colors on logo of S.U.E.C(cape blue #05568E and brown #873909),theme name is “Guangdong’s Dream”, symbol the  combination of red clay and ocean.The original military blue VI will continued used by Lanisky network.

(2) November,S.U.E.C will cooperate with QW110.

(3) SUEC.CC will change for CAMPUS.SUEC.CN; Please browse http://campus.suec.cn for details.

(4) We will found the"S.U.E.C.Organization"in the furture , Please browse http://www.suec.org.cn for details.

(5) www2.suec.cn is released again, which is founded in the early 2010, Please browse http://www2.suec.cn for details.