2.S.U.E.C will conduct the seventh generation overall upgrade

  (1)Program upgraded

  (2) Part of the template will shift from the form positioning to DIV + CSS

  (3) “SUEC” will be redesigned and reference to shenzhen TV's font design, which is highlighted the characteristic of shenzhen special zone.

3. multimedia magazine project is in preparation,members: Wanhong、chairman Nangua、BOQ and other several students. Among them Wanhong for the project total responsible; tutor:Machunhui, the  shenzhen university college professors, shenzhen famous d.c economic researcher. At present ,this project are apply for settle-in industrial park;the project orientation of are entirely consistent with S.E.U.C, but the media forms is different(Website + newspaper + video),with the higher earnings and feasibility(Interview charges).

4.After the hypostatic store closed,Lanisky princess have reopened as an online shop(http://lsprincess.taobao.com) at April 26, 2011,this project will be full operation by the assistant Zhang Yuting. We will strive to reopen the hypostatic store  as quickly as possible.

Translated by Zhang Yuting