1.    The year of 2012 is coming, the new year, wish all of the partners a better live, go farther and fly higher! In 2012, we hope everyone seize the opportunity, product development, market development,and cooperation to create a better future!


2.    Last month, the Lanisky network have finished four projects while Lanxims have finished eight, we began to exploring and discovering market demand, and gradually increase the turnover.


3.    "2012 Lanisky product and service system and pricing (China)" has been released, everybody can go to the Lanisky websites or the QQ group to download the file. Lanisky gradually find her position in the market, also hope that a lot of support, a lot of customers and business.If Lanisky's Union members are these aspects of the business needs, we can obtain the qualification of VIP treatment.


4.    Leung Tung Development's English brand name has been renewed, The replacement for the Laniston by Leung Tung, This is a reference to the Hong Kong's style.


5.    Last month, SUEC was quoted by the world's biggest Wiki website - Wikipedia, and collected by Ezilon.


6.    Lanisky Chairman was invited to join in the S.U.E.C’s 10 years celebration. In order to support the celebration, SUEC have upgraded the S.U.E.C’s former official website, which is set up in 2007 (now as a memorial edition).


Translated by Xiaodan