1.    The year of 2012, we wish all the Lanisky Union members reap a bumper harvest, business flourishes, exchequer billow into!


2.    Over the past two months, the Lanisky Network has developed 11 projects while Lanxims has developed 14.


3.    Over the past two months, we have a total of 2 domains' PR value upgrade to 3, 8 domains' PR value of 2.


4.    Lanisky has registered official micro-blog, the URL is  http://weibo.com/lanisky .


5.    After two years of exploration of the road to success, 2012 is the year of Lanisky began formal implementation business, In order to strengthen the cooperation with the Union members, the first 50 customers obtain long-term identity, In Lanisky service system widely obtained half off preferential. Welcome all the Lanisky's Union members formed close alliances of interest. If you want to know this year's service system and the price, please download "2012 Lanisky product and service system and pricing (China)". Look forward to working with you to share, discuss, cooperation, to achieve win-win effect.