1.    This month, the Lanisky Network has finished 16 projects while Lanxims has finished 9. 

2.    http://weibo.com/lanisky has passed the attestation of orgnaization of sina, for mainland China fans. Besides, Lanisky has registered official english micro-blog, the URL is https://twitter.com/Laniskyinc , facing the global followers ( through IP access to abroad ). Please pay attention to the above micro-blog, by the person of professional maintenance, guiding, inspiring and present business opportunities every day. 

3.    We updated this year second Quotations System "2012 Lanisky product and service system and pricing (China) B ", on march 1, the new customers effectively. Welcome all the Lanisky's Union members go to http://wenku.baidu.com/view/44dc130b52ea551810a687cd.html to download, look forward to cooperation with you! 

4.    Laniskyinc has been updated, Wanna know more? Please visit http://inc.lanisky.com and http://inc.lanisky.cn  . 

5.    On march 16, Lanisky was hired as technical adviser to the S.U.E.C, we enhance ourslfe with technology, with spare effort also happy for the nonprofit organization providing support consultant. 


Translated by Laiping Cheung