1.Lanisky has made significant adjustments : from concept plan to reality project. Lanisky is currently focusing on cultural diffusion. Including the cultural dissemination , dissemination of technology and media in three directions, the main projects are as follows.


(1) Brand expert (Including CIS development, brand image, design and other services ).


(2) Marketing expert (Including integrated marketing communication, advertising planning and advertising design services ).


(3)   Lanisky Network ( provide website development, website production and services such as IDC ).


(4)   SUEC (Including online gem and online pioneer park ).



2.Canceled " LanXims Branding", using the Lanisky branding, that is " Lanisky brand expert ". " LanXims" is using for the future culture clothing items, that is " LanXims cultural clothing".


3.In view of this adjustment, we have updated "2012 Lanisky product and service system and pricing (China) C ". Welcome everyone to download it via Lanisky's official sites.


4.The two months, Brand expert has finished 11 projects while Lanisky Network has finished 7.