1.    In the third quarter of 2012, Lanisky have finished 46 projects in total ,including Brand expert(19)and Lanisky Network (27) .

2. Zhanjiang and Lianjiang two industrial and Commercial Bureau are approved the establishment of Lianjiang EverFiner Cultivation Professional Cooperatives,

this project is guided by the Nation's Agricultural department.

3.    Pingtintsai village's Fong Wah Road and Tsai Sin Road 's southeast area of 5000 square meters of bamboo are cleaning, office building will be built here next year, as the Lanisky Zhanjiang Center and Everfiner’s office.

4.    doctor of Japan's Toyota trade corporation foodstuff group ZhengTaiGen , and his assistant visiting zhanjiang, and cooperatives with Lanisky, the two sides reached a preliminary intention of set up factory in leungtung.


Translated by Laiping Cheung